We believe learning is fun !

EleMemory™ provides students of all ages with a fun, easy way to memorize the periodic table of elements. With a card matching game, customizable flashcards, and a full periodic table, EleMemory ™ is unlike any other chemistry app!






The matching game can be reached by selecting “Play” from the main page. Select the number of pairs you would like to match: 5, 8, or 10. Next, choose two categories you would like to match: Element Name (ie: Hydrogen), Atomic Symbol (H), and Atomic Number (1). Finally, set the timer for 30, 60, 90, or 120 seconds. With these options set, just hit “Play” and start matching!


Match pairs by selecting a card from each column. If the match is correct, the two cards will disappear. If the match is incorrect, the cards will blink red then become unselected. Clear all the cards within the time limit and receive a final score. For each correct pair selected, the player gets 100 points. For each incorrect pair, the player loses 50 points. After each round, the settings for the cards can be changed.

To mute the music, tap the music note at the top of the screen.



Choose the “Flashcards” option from the main menu, then choose the information for the front of the card: Element Name (eg: Hydrogen), Atomic Symbol (H), or Atomic Number (1). Next, select the group of elements to study, or choose the custom list option to create a customized selection of elements.

Tap cards to review the reverse side of the card. Swipe left to access the next flashcard, or swipe right to view previous cards.



To view the periodic table, select “Periodic Table” from the main menu. Use the pinch motion to zoom in on the table.